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FAQ - Buy Bubble Suit Body Zorbing Ball

How Are Bumper Ball Used? - Jun 20, 2017

Bumper Ball is used in a extremely popular soccer bubble amusement, helping to build team awareness, at exciting games, and in the sporting recreations. It is a wonderful choice to play soccer with fun, especially for youth in outdoor arena. It is also a exciting gift to present for kids' birthday party or festival events. Supplier: Vano Inflatables Industrial Limited.


 What is Soccer Bubble Ball? - Jun 13, 2017

Soccer Bubble Ball is a large objective that is made of soft plastic material TPU or PVC and can be worn from the bottom secure by shoulder straps and holding the handles, having the human legs free externally to rush in soccer bubble field indoor or football arena outdoor, with two opening at both sides for the players' respiration. These bubble suits are especially used in two teams plays soccer match, i.e. 8 or 10 persons., and it lets everyone run, rush and bump other persons as you all work on the goal. It is assured everybody will leave with joy and laughter.


What is the price of Human Size Hamster Ball? - Jun 6, 2017

You can log onto our products page to see the price for our Human Size Hamster Ball. Moreover, the custom quotes with discount can be provided for considerable teams or public activities, however, it is necessary to pay 30% in advance for reservation and the rest before shipment. We can also send you the photos for mass production of each category zorb human ball. If you have booked an outdoor activity and but weather is rainy or something, we could keep the deposit for one year and you could remake a booking next time.


What Are The Payment Ways to Buy Inflatable Bubble? - May 30, 2017

To order the Inflatable Bubble, you can make payment of deposit and balance in these ways: T/T, PayPal, Western Union or MoneyGram etc. You are going to love this inflatable bubble for sure!


What is The Features of PVC for Zorbing Football? - Mar 28, 2017

PolyVinyl is easy to be repaired in a tear or puncture on Zorbing Football. The life span can be 6 months to 1 year under around four hours plays each week. But it probably becomes brittle or even broken if the temperature reach extremely hot or cold. The weight of PVC is approximately ten pencent heavier than TPU. People have to carry the zorb a little harder.


What is the Weight for a Bubble Equipment Inflated? - Mar 24, 2017

It is approximate 28 lbs for 1.5m large size PVC Bubble Equipment, and 22 lbs of 1.2m medium one in same material. As regards TPU Human Bubble Ball, 1.5m diameter large is around 25 lbs and 1.2m medium in 19 lbs.


What is the Warranty for Purchasing Water Walking Ball? - Mar 21, 2017

All orders are covered by a half year quality guarantee for Water Walking Ball. Moreover, for all purchases of minimum 10 pieces provides an extended guarantee to one year without any cost at this moment. Plenty of spare materials, cement glue and air valve are available free of charge for customers' patches as one of the basic terms, as the shipping costs too much if client sends back damaged zorb to our plant for repair or replacement. The old clients will be offered further support when it is needed.


Vano Inflatables' Guidelines to store Zorbing Balls - Mar 17, 2017

Please do not put the Zorbing Balls to wide exposure to UV lamps like more than 2 days as it would probably cause damages on the PVC or TPU inflatable materials, fixtures and seams. Apparently, the zorb balls are offen used at daytime and usually in the sun. However, it is strong recommended not to keep them with full air for several days of periods in hot sunshine particularly in summer.


Is It Okay to Use Football Bubble in Freezing Climate? - Mar 14, 2017

It is not a good idea to play Football Bubble in too cold or too hot weather. We suggest you use them in common and normal temperatures around 5 to 35 degrees centigrade, no matter the products are made of material PVC or TPU. Particularly cold weather could weaken stretch of the materials and lead to crack on the joints between material and glue, then the balls would have to be fixed with repair kits.

Football Bubble


Zorb Ball Play: How Old and How Tall Should People Need to be? - Mar 10, 2017

The players under 18 must be supervised by adults. Soccer Zorb Ball can be provided in 3 different dimensions at this moment: First one at diameter 4 feet or 1.2 meter suitable to persons not taller than 5'7'', second of 1.5 meter for them over 5'7'' to 6'4'', last one at 1.8 meter for quite tall people. Please kindly make sure the bubble balls cover your head at the top, and it will keep you safe through hard bumps, tumbles and plays. Also wear the harness straps properly and grab the handles well. Please read the guidelines carefully as well.


Is Body Zorbing Ball as Much Fun as I See in the TV Commercial? - Mar 7, 2017

Absolutely, Body Zorbing Ball is not only unbelievably enjoyment and safe, but also it is guaranteed you will leave with fun and smile! Almost everybody was much thrilled in fun and even want to come play the Body Zorb Balls again. Welcome to enquire Vano Inflatables Industrial Limited at


How Do I Fill Up My Battle Ball? - Mar 3, 2017

To inflate Battle Ball, you can use our electric air pump for inflation, and both 110V and 220V are available in different sytle plugs. Usually, fill time is around 2 to 4 minutes depending on the size of the ball and pump you are utilizing. Please make sure not to over-inflate your soccer zorb balls, and we recommend about a 2 inches depression with your hand when you pushed on a filled ball, which should be firm but not hard. If it is over-inflated, when the players hit each other it can cause a breach. You need to allow a little space for the air to move inside the ball upon impact.


Why is Our High Quality Bubble Football So Expensive? - Feb 28, 2017

Quality is the top issue when it emerges as a brand new sport of Bubble Football, therefore, please note those will provide other products at cheaper prices. The internal handles, external seems, and harness bonds will be a extremely key point for imitators because of lower standard technicals, material, glue and poor quality control.


What Is Our Bubble Soccer Ball Made of? - Feb 24, 2017

Our Bubble Soccer Ball is manufactured from the highest quality and thick PVC or TPU, which are nothing like some inflatable pool toys. Each individual ball is placed in strict test over a duration of 24 hours before shipment from our plant to make sure no leakage and every single product is standard quality passed. We take care to ensure that all raw materials utilized in the construction of each Bubble Soccer Bumper Balls are in excellent conditions.

What is Body Zorbing Balls? - Feb 21, 2017

Body Zorbing Balls: a protective, safe, all-encompassing, single chambered ball full of air with internal handles and shoulder straps that enables you to almost literally defy gravity and defy pain. You just need to have one to get started, practice your rolls and flips. Bumping with other palyers makes you tumble and roll with all fun and cheer.

Can I Start My Own Zorbing Ball Business and How Do I Get Started? - Feb 17, 2017

Of course, Zorbing Ball is not a franchise nationally or globally at present, however we have hundreds of customers starting up businesses over the world every year. Vano Inflatable Industrial Limited has developed aftersale service system for you, and we will help you and guide you through the process. Other support include discounts for massive order. It is an absolutely incredible funny and profitable project. Let us develop a thriving business together and bring you the success.

Zorbing Ball

Why is TPU More Expensive Than PVC for Zorb Ball? - Feb 14, 2017

To make Zorb Ball, TPU is a better material than PVC mainly by below points:

Nice abrasion resistance

Perform well in low-temperature 

Nice mechanical properties with good elasticity

Excellent anti-tear strength

Good elasticity & transparency

Nice oil and grease resistance

More mycete proof


Zorb Ball

What is the Minimum Quantity on Body Zorbing Ball ? - Jun 25, 2016

On a regular basis, 1 piece is required to be MOQ on the purchase of Body Zorbing Ball, Zorb Ball Soccer, Bubble Suit at

Body Zorbing Ball

What Is Price Validity for Bumper Ball ? - Jun 18, 2016

Usually, our quotations are valid within one month days for Bumper Ball, Body Zorb, Zorbing Ball. To see more interesting Zorb Balls, don't hesitate to log onto

Bumper Balls

The Freight is Included in the Unit Price for Water Walking Ball ? - Jun 4, 2016

Not yet. The shipping cost will be quoted exactly on specific order quantity and country by most common fast courier delivery to customer's location directly, such as FedEx, UPS or DHL etc, and the air and sea shipments are other workable shipping ways. To see plenty of models for Walking Ball, Water Zorb Balls, Water Walker, Waterball, Walk on Water Ball at

Water Zorb Ball

How Long Does The Shipping Take for Water Roller Ball ? - May 28, 2016

Usually, the shipping time of period is estimated 5 to 7 days by express delivery FedEx or DHL for Water Roller Ball, Water Walker, Zorb Rolling Ball, Water Zorbing, Inflatable Wheel. It takes much longer time by sea and goes to local port only. To see various zorb ball products, just go through

Water Roller Ball Inflatable

Shipping Ways for Bubble Soccer Ball ? - May 21, 2016

The regular shipping ways are composed of most used courier delivery UPS, FedEx, DHL and EMS beside air freight and sea freight, and usually 4 to 7 days are needed to transport Bubble Soccer Ball, Zorb Football and Body Zorbing to global countries. We can be reached at More interesting zorbs for sale at

Bubble Soccer Balls

Payment Terms on Human Hamster Ball for Sale ? - May 7, 2016

Usually, our payment terms consisit of bank transfer, Money Booker, PayPal, Credit Card, Western Union and MoneyGram so on for Human Hamster Ball for Sale, Zorbing Balls, Body Zorb for Sale. To see popular models, please log onto

Human Hamster Ball for Sale

Production and Shipping Time on Bubble Football ? - Apr 23, 2016

It is expected one week for production and another week for FedEx or DHL courier shipping on regular order quantity 1 to 20 units Bubble Football, Body Zorb Ball and Kockerball Price. For further information, just visit us at

bubble football at

Our shop To Buy Human Size Hamster Ball ? - Apr 16, 2016

We focus on providing good quality inflatable human size hamster ball in affordable prices, Vano Inflatable Toys is one of the leading and reliable inflatable products suppliers in China, our other main item include zorb ball, body zorbing, water walking ball and water roller etc. More information, just log onto

human size hamster ball

Bubble Ball - Funny for Soccer Games - Mar 8th, 2016

Bubble Ball, also called Zorb Soccer Ball, Bumper Balls, is a thrilling and fantastic inflatable balls for bumping plays, especially popular in football games. It is kinds of wearable Body Zorb people can get into and are harnesses by straps, then they can crash into each other under the zorb balls protection. They are supplied in various models, sizes and colours for adults and children. When you plan to purchase zorb ball football, just browse our page:

Bubble Ball Soccer

Zorb Balls Repairing Work - Jan 15th, 2016

For your information, the following steps to fix the broken zorb balls:

1) Deflate the zorb and clean it up

2) Cut off a spare material piece enough to cover the hole 

3) After the cleaning drying out, having the glue on both spare material and zorb.

4) Better to use hot hair dryer to blow it to help tighten sticking. 
5) Keep it alone 30 minutes at least
6) Reinflate the zorb and see how it work

For your information, the following steps to fix the broken zorb balls: 1) Deflate the zorb and clean it up 2) Cut off a spare material piece enough to cover the hole 3) After the cleaning drying out, having the glue on both spare material and zorb 4) Better to use hot hair dryer to blow it to help tighten sticking 5) Keep it alone 30 minutes at least 6) Reinflate the zorb and see how it works.Just visit our web at

Zorb Balls

What is Zorb Water Ball? - Sep. 9th, 2015

A water ball, water zorb, water walking ball is a big inflatable globe, which allows people inside it to walk or run across the surface of water.Usually, the diameter of giant zorbing ball is two meters, and it has a entrance with Zipper (like Germany famous Tizip) to provide easy exit & entry. The water zorbing ball are a little similar to the zorb, but it has one layer only and is developed for water walking or running instead of down-hill rolling. In the United Kingdom and United States, in order to keep children fit, people have been using the spheres at swimming pools, marinas and lakes. Just visit us at

Water Walking Ball


Hot sale Zorb Ball From Vano Inflatables! - July 20, 2014 

Congratulations for Vano! The sales volume of our clear Inflatable Zorbing Ball have been over 500pcs in first season of 2013. Why so many customers buy our Zorb? The most important reason is the reliable quality with competitive price. We believe they will be more and more popular in the market in coming days. Welcome to visit us:

Zorb Ball For Sale 

Horror Zorbing Ball Tragedy: Russian man got killed after climbing into inflatable zorbs and falling down mountain in the game - May 10, 2013

Father-of-two Denis Burakov was zorbing down a mountain at a ski resort at the North Caucasus mountain range in Russia when it veered off course. Unfortunately, when you have a new adventure sport like this come out, especially in developing countries, you tend to see a lot of people not following any form of regulation.

Zorbing Ball